Clinic Activities

Training for the month of October Service Fundamentals home visit Corporate Customers No. 2

Training for the month of September 2022 by organization development officers The basic knowledge required to provide services.

personality training Staff at Intouch Medicare Clinic To develop the potential and communication to serve our customers the best.

Intouch Medicare organizes training for branch managers who are very important personnel to the organization. to develop potential in order to contain the goals of the organization.

Intouch Medicare is committed to human resource development. (new employees) in the organization to be able to work with quality.

Activities in the year 2022 of Intouch Medicare Clinical Medicine There are public health staff at the clinic to provide services and advice.

Intouch Medicare Clinic 2020 activities screening metabolic disease risks and providing health care education

Activities of Intouch Medicare Clinic in 2021