HIV PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)

Prep (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is currently an HIV prevention drug before exposure. The Medical has developed treatment and prevention of AIDS or HIV a lot. As for anti-virus drugs, it is PrEP for those who are at risk to have more guidelines for self-protection. For those who have doubts about PrEP , Today Intouch Medicare have informations you should know about prep , how to take medicine , stop medication , preventitive efficiency to solve the doubts.

For those who want to know what symptoms in the case that they have been infected .You can read the article What will happen when you get HIV? But let me tell you that taking PrEP can only prevent HIV (HIV). Therefore, condoms should be used every time to prevent other sexually transmitted diseases. Most importantly, PrEP must be disciplined.







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How long have you been taking PrEP? When can you stop taking medicine?

  • The drug can be stopped when there is no longer a tendency for risk behaviors. or have many side effects And do not want to continue taking the drug By recommending taking PrEP until 7 days after the last risk, then stop And can return to counseling to take PrEP again if risky behavior starts again And before stopping eating every time, blood must be tested to ensure that there is no infection every time.

What should I do when taking PrEP?

  • Your doctor will have a follow-up appointment while taking PrEP every 1-3 months to test your blood for the HIV virus to make sure you're not infected. and may monitor kidney values every 3-6 months in some cases Including monitoring the side effects caused by taking PrEP.

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Can women planning pregnancy take PrEP?

  • If the client has an HIV positive partner and plans to become pregnant taking PrEP can prevent infection to mother and child Taking PrEP must be under the supervision of a specialist doctor.

Can teenagers take PrEP?

  • Can teenagers take PrEP? PrEP is licensed for young people under 18 who weigh at least 35 kilograms.

Can I take PrEP with birth control pills?

  • PrEP can be used along with birth control including the birth control pill, contraceptive injection, contraceptive implant, and IUD. without harm.

If taking PrEP Can't you wear a condom?

  • Taking PrEP prevents HIV infection, but it does not protect against other sexually transmitted diseases. and cannot prevent pregnancy.

Where can I get PrEP?

  • PrEP is a prescription drug that can only be prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. to be able to receive PrEP at the hospital and a clinic near the house that offers PrEP.