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Intouch medicare Clinic

Ready to serve by a team of specialized doctors in every branch

Nurses and multidisciplinary professions are safe , convenient and fast

Antenatal Care and Postpratum examination

Diabetes and blood pressure physician

Health check before going to work

Medical Certificate

Gynecological examination for women


Promotion and Package

Promotion for ladies. If interested, pay attention to ladies with Intouch today - 30 April 2023, just check inside. and cervical cancer screening, receive a free pack of wet tissues

promotion for mom at InTouch Medicare Giving birth in October - December 2022, get free 1 bottle of organic baby lotion after giving birth 2 times.

Intouch Medicare invites you to strengthen your bones and knee joints throughout July-December 65, get Intouch Pure UCll free.

Intouch Baby and Kids Clinic Mothers who bring their children to check And vaccinate from today until the end of 2022. Get organic products for your loved ones.