Insurance cardholders (individuals) do not have to pay upfront.

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ประกันกลุ่ม ไม่ต้องสำรองจ่าย

AIA insurance , Sunday insurance, Thaivivat Insurance, South East Capital Insurance , Generali Insurance cardholders ( individual groups), Prudential Life Assurance can get the service at intouch medicare general clinic that near you , convient , fast and fair price without reserving


it hurts hurts big

  • Car accident/ Knife cut/ scald burn case

  • In case of sickness, not feeling well , give sodium chlorid solution , make the wounds and clean the wounds continuuously

so you can get the service easily , convenient , fast and fair price

* Terms and conditions are as specified by the company and the clinic depending under the power of policy


Intouch Medicare have 6 Branches

  1. Din Deang Branch

  2. Talin Chang Branch

  3. Klong San Branch

  4. Charoen Kung Branch

  5. Udomsuk Branch

  6. Ramintra km2 Branch



ask and make appointment with doctor

  Hot Line 081-562-7722



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