Insurance cardholders (individuals) do not have to pay upfront.

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AIA insurance , Sunday insurance, Thaivivat Insurance,South East Life Insurance , Generali Insurance cardholders ( individual groups) can get the service at intouch medicare general clinic that near you , convient , fast and fair price without reserving


it hurts hurts big

  • Car accident/ Knife cut/ scald burn case


  • In case of sickness, not feeling well , give sodium chlorid solution , make the wounds and clean the wounds continuuously

so you can get the service easily , convenient , fast and fair price

* Terms and conditions are as specified by the company and the clinic depending under the power of policy


Intouch Medicare have 5 Branches

  1. Din Deang Branch

  2. Talin Chang Branch

  3. Klong San Branch

  4. Charoen Kung Branch

  5. Udomsuk Branch


ask and make appointment with doctor

  Hot Line 081-562-7722