Demonstration of Strip Anti HIV Test (One Step Test)

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สาธิตวิธีการใช้ Strip Anti HIV แบบ One Step Test

Demonstration of Strip Anti HIV Test (One Step Test)

by Intouch Medicare Clinic of Medicine 

Anti-HIV Testing Kit RetroScreen HIV 3.0
Rapid Test Kit for Detection of HIV-1/2 Antibodies in Serum Plasma

*For laboratory use only, not for self-testing by general individuals.



Storage and Shelf Life

  1. The test cartridges within sealed pouches and Sample Running Buffer should be stored at 4-30 degrees Celsius, and can be used until the expiration date indicated on the labe.
  2. The Sample Running Buffer valid until the expiration date. After opening the bottle, use it for the first time.
  3. Do not store the test kit and its components in the freeze.

Reminder of using Strip Anti HIV

  1. This test kit is intended for diagnostic use the body only and is not intended for disease treatment.
  2. Do not use the test kit after the expiration date.
  3. Please read the medical device labeling carefully before use.
  4. Exercise caution with blood samples as they may appear infectious.
  5. Adhere to standard biosafety guidelines for handling and disposing of infectious waste.
  6. Avoid contact with the Sample Running Buffer (which contains 0.1% Sodium Azide) as it may react with copper or brass fittings in plumbing to generate explosive chemical compounds.
  7. If the color of the desiccant in the pouch changes from blue to white, a new test cartridge must be used.

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