Doctor's Profile: ONUMA PEANPHON, MD.


Name - Surname


Education Background

  • Doctor of Medicine
    Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines

Years of Professional Experience

  • Permission to practice medicine since 2022

professional field

  • general practitioner, GP

Status of certification from the Medical Council for specific knowledge and expertise

  • None

The surgical procedure provided by the physician

  • None

Date and time of work

  • Medical abstain from 25 May 2023

Passed the training course in basic occupational medicine for doctors

  • Basic Occupational Medicine Course for Doctors Batch 6, Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University between 3 October - 29 November 2022 (240 hours)

Certificate of Basic Occupational Medicine Course for Doctors

  You can access the list of doctors registered with the Medical Council here.

updated : 22/01/2024

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