Supitcha Buengjan, MD.

สุพิชชา บึงจันทร์

Name - Surname

  • Dr. Supitcha Buengchan, M.D.


  • Doctor of Medicine, Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU), Philippines

Years of professional practice

  • Has been a medical practitioner since 2021.


  • general practitioner, GP

Special Expertise

  • -

Medical Checkup

  • Examination and treatment of children (under 12 years old)

  • Birth control implants and birth control pill removal

  • Treats sexually transmitted diseases in men and women

  • Gynecological examination, internal examination

  • Treat Bartholin gland inflammation

  • Prenatal care/pregnancy ultrasound

  • Check and treat chronic diseases (Blood pressure/diabetes)

  • Basic clinical procedures such as suturing wounds, cutting abscesses, and draining pus.

  • Treat keloid wounds, cut out skin tags, cauterize warts with an electrocautery machine, or cut them out.

  • Treat common diseases such as eye stye, corns


  • Monday - Friday  8.00 AM - 19.00 PM.


  The Medical Council of Thailand.


updated : 3/04/2024

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