How to implant contraceptives for 3 years and 5 years, and what is the procedure?

The method of implanting contraceptives involves inserting a tube containing hormones under the skin. For both the 3-year and 5-year contraceptives, the procedure is similar; the only difference is the number of contraceptive rods and the tools used to insert them under the skin.

How to implant a single-rod contraceptive implant

  1. Lie on your back on the bed with your non-dominant arm bent at the elbow. Rotate your arm out so that your wrist is always aligned with your ears or next to your head.

  2. Determine the location where the implant will be inserted, in the inner side of the upper arm, about 8-10 centimeters away from the elbow (above the medial epicondyle of the humerus).

  3. Mark two places : the first point marks the location where the implant will be inserted, and the second point, a few centimeters away from the first point, marks the direction towards the upper arm.

  4. Clean the area to be implanted with an antiseptic.

  5. Numb the area to be implanted, such as by using anesthesia.

  6. Use one hand to pull the skin on the area where the implant will be inserted, using your thumb and index finger. Use the tip of the needle to pierce the skin at an angle of slightly less than 30 degrees.

  7. Adjust the position of the device to implant the drug horizontally. While lifting the skin with the tip of the needle, you may feel slight resistance, but do not use excessive force.

  8. Gently slide the device backwards while pressing it.

  9. Immediately check the contraceptive implant by palpating the arm.

  10. Use a cloth to cover the wound on the side of the contraceptive implant and let the patient feel for the implant.

  11. Apply gauze and a compression bandage to the wound. Wrap it to minimize bruising.

  12. Fill out the user ID card completely and hand it over to the patient.

How to Implant a Two-Rod Contraceptive

  1. Lie on your back on the examination bed with your non-dominant arm bent at the elbow and rotated out so that your wrist is always in line with your ear or next to your head.

  2. The doctor will implant 2 Jadell contraceptive sticks, which will be inserted under the skin on the inside of the upper arm. If you are right-handed, the sticks will be inserted in your left arm, and if you are left-handed, the sticks will be inserted in your right arm.

  3. Clean the area with an antiseptic.

  4. Inject local anesthesia to prevent pain, as inserting the device for the contraceptive may cause slight discomfort, or in some cases, a small incision may be required.

  5. The doctor will insert the contraceptive rods under the skin one by one with a Trocar needle until both rods are completely inserted in a V-shape facing the armpit.

  6. Cover the area with a bandage or wound dressing.

In the first 3 days,
avoid hitting or lifting heavy objects
with the arm where
the contraceptive pill is implanted. 

After implanting the contraceptive, refrain from lifting heavy objects with the arm.

The bandage can be removed after the wound has healed, typically 3-5 days after the implantation of the medicine stick. Bruising and swelling can occur for 2-3 days after implantation, but these symptoms will not interfere with normal activities.

Sometimes, there may be an infection at the site where the medicine stick is implanted, or temporary pain or itching. If you have any concerns after implanting contraceptives, you can ask your doctor.


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Both of these methods of implanting contraceptive must be performed by a medical professional. I can't do it myself. 

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