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10 potential hazards of working in confined spaces.

Intouch Medicare is ready to take care of you at a pocket-friendly price. Aiming to be a primary care clinic near your home.

Diabetes, without proper care, can be life-threatening. We have a self-care method for people with diabetes.

Win a motorcycle, just take the patient to receive the service at Intouch Medicare in every branch. We have special care for every motorcycle win. Click here for details.

hiv infection symptoms What happens when you get HIV, which it spreads? if having sex whether through the vagina or through the anus without any protection.

Did you know that high blood pressure is dangerous? Abnormal conditions in which blood pressure rises above normal and is considered a condition that must be controlled.

Causes of heart disease can be divided into several issues. But there are risk factors that can contribute to the development of heart disease.

Reasons for health check-up before entering work and requesting a medical certificate and initial physical examination.

Insights into high blood pressure you need to know both initial symptoms cause of disease pressure control method including treatment with doctors at InTouch Medicare.

Know more about diabetes whether the cause of the disease type of diabetes Initial symptoms Prevention and treatment of diabetes Let's go see.

Pregnancy and postpartum examination with pocket-friendly prices Pay with Intouch Medicare Medical Clinic which may have internal examination, cervical cancer screening.

Health check-up programs before starting to work in the profession include: restaurant staff, cook, waitress, factory worker, department store employee, pc, cashier, food handler, hotel, resort staff.

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