How to test for sexually transmitted diseases in the vagina and the urinary tract

วิธีตรวจ std ทางช่องคลอดและปัสสาวะ

Many people have been at risk. I have a sexually transmitted disease and want to get tested but don't know how to get tested. What kind of method will the doctor have? So it made me even more worried than before. But in this article we will tell you how to easily check for STD when coming to receive services at the clinic.  

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Urine test method

1. Collect 20 - 50 milliliters of urine in a urine collection container. It should be at least 1 hour from the previous urination and there is no need to clean the genitals before urinating. *Who receive services at Intouch Medicare Clinic only need to do this step. It's finished.

สนใจ ตรวจ std

2. Urine collection set includes a urine collection dropper and a urine collection tube for testing (yellow cap).

3. Unpack the urine collection kit and make it ready for use.

4. Open the cover of the urine collection tube (yellow cover). Place the cover face up.

5. Use the dropper to suck urine up-down 3 times and suck out 7 ml of urine, place it in the urine collection tube until the volume indicator on the tube is reached.

6. Close the lid of the urine collection tube tightly. Check that no liquid has seeped out of the lid. Turn the urine collection tube up and down, alternating 3-4 times to allow the water to maintain its condition. Mix thoroughly with urine.

วิธีการตรวจจากช่องคลอดโดยการ swab

How to test from the vagina by swab

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with hand soap. Before starting to collect samples And prepare the test kit, Test Kit A for collecting samples, Test Kit B for cleaning the vagina.

2. Take test kit B out of the package by holding the stem. Don't touch the cotton swab or place the sample stick on any surface.

Use Test Kit B to clean the vagina before collecting the sample and discard it when finished.

3. Get the pink cap sample collection tube ready. Place it in an area that is easily accessible. Unwrap Test Kit A by holding the stem. Do not touch the cotton swab or place the sample stick on any surface. Use your thumb and index finger. Hold the tip around the incision.

4. Insert the sampling stick into the cotton swab. Into the vagina about 5 centimeters (about 2 inches) deep.

5. Rotate the sample stick gently and gently for about 10-30 seconds, allowing the cotton swab to touch the vaginal wall. To absorb the vaginal mucosa and pull out the sample stick


still holding the sample stick
Do not place on the floor or any touching surface.

6. Use the palm of your hand holding the sample stick to remove the pink cap of the 6 sample collection tube. Place the cap face up. Then take the stick and collect the sample from the cotton swab side. insert into tube

7. Hold the sampling tube firmly. Break the stick and collect a sample from the incision area. Place the cotton swab in the sample collection tube. and discard the broken end of the sampling stick. Don't place the broken tip in the sample collection tube.

8. Close the cap of the sample collection tube tightly. Check that no liquid has seeped out of the lid.

What kind of STD test do men and women need?

Each method of testing for STD depends on the doctor's consideration on an individual basis. Testing from urine or using a swab can be done for both men and women. For example, using a swab may collect a sample from the vagina. You can collect it from your throat. Or in some cases where a man has secretions or pus coming from the tip of his penis, a sample can be collected and sent for testing as well.

How many days is the infection detected? After taking risks

After taking the risk for approximately 7 days, the infection can be detected.

สนใจตรวจ std

Preparing for an STD test

  • No need to clean the genitals before urinating or swabbing the vagina.

  • Refrain from internal examinations before the STD test for 24 hours because there may be contaminated substances or drugs.

  • Refrain from using tampons. Refrain from using vaginal creams or ointments. If medication is used, inform the doctor.

  • Abstain from sexual intercourse 48 hours before the test.

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