Healthy tips to keep your vulva clean reduce vaginal odor

Healthy tips to keep your vulva clean reduce vaginal odor

Even if the hidden spot is in a secret place and no one can see it. But if you don't take care of it, it may make your sister sick. Therefore, girls should take care of their health and keep them clean. How to take care of your vagina correctly will help your little sister not get sick. It will help reduce her smell, vaginal discharge with an unwanted smell. that may come with accumulation Various adverse symptoms such as rashes sister's wound or the occurrence of abnormal vaginal discharge

Including ways to properly care for your vagina.

How to care for your vagina To prevent itching

Food and supplements

Many people may wonder what this vaginal itching has to do with food. This is because usually the cause of vaginal itching is caused by vaginal fungus or yeast, which can be caused by eating too much sweet food. Including eating flour, rice, food or drinks fermented with yeast. and foods made from sugar Therefore, if anyone is already suffering from itching, they should avoid these foods immediately. And you should find some food that has probiotics to eat. To help balance good bacteria in the body, such as yoghurt, kimchi, or you can take it as a dietary supplement.

Choosing underwear

  • Should you buy a bra or panties? That can ventilate well, such as underwear made from cotton (Cotton) and should not buy those made from nylon. Because the ventilation is not as good as cotton. You must also be careful about wearing underwear that is too tight. because it causes humidity and can lead to accumulation.

  • If there is vaginal discharge, it is not recommended to wear sanitary pads. Because it may accumulate in hidden areas. Some people may experience an allergic reaction. and can irritate the younger sister It is also a trigger for vaginal fungus.

keep clean

Maintaining cleanliness is an important rule in maintaining health. People who do not maintain cleanliness are more likely to get sick easily. Because there is a chance of being exposed to germs more often than the general public. Girls should avoid the habit of wearing underwear again. Because it is the source of germs. You should also not allow your pants or underwear to become wet.

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Healthy tips to keep your vulva clean reduce vaginal odor

What to Do After Sex for a Healthy Vagina

  1. Urinating after sexual intercourse Bacteria can sometimes enter the urinary membrane. Therefore, after having sex, you should urinate. To remove bacteria from the vagina and to prevent infections in the urinary tract

  2. Take a shower or clean the vaginal area with warm water. Then wipe clean

What can I use to clean my vagina?

Something that is really friendly to our hidden areas. Do not use cleaning solution. But it's just plain water. But if you want to use soap, you should choose soap that is gentle. that does not contain perfume ingredients or other strong chemicals Because itching may occur. and can irritate the skin around hidden areas

Is vaginal douching dangerous?

You should not douche the vagina. Because it doesn't help reduce vaginal odor. But it destroys the pH value of the vagina. Germs like this. And results in the problem of abnormal vaginal discharge and may have an unpleasant odor. And itching comes as a bonus too. The best way to care for your vagina and reduce vaginal odor is to keep your clothes clean. Do not re-wear underwear or have moisture in it. Maintain your weight because being overweight can affect your sweat. and eat foods that contain probiotics Drink enough water.

Is it good to shave your genitals?

Many people believe that having pubic hair on their underbelly may cause their vaginal discharge or vaginal discharge smell, so they shave their pubic hair to reduce vaginal odor. This is not a correct belief. Because the hair on our vaginal area is there to act as a shield to prevent foreign objects from entering our hidden areas. Including helping reduce friction. Impact from underwear or other objects  The fact that we feel that the hair causes the smell may be because the wiping to clean the intimate area does not dry out and therefore builds up.

“Therefore, after cleaning your intimate areas, you should wipe them dry. As for shaving your sissy hair, it depends on each person's preference. There is no clear prohibition on not being able to shave.”

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odors

How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odors

  • How to take care of hidden spots Cleansing has an effect on vaginal discharge. And vaginal infections cause white, smelly discharge. 

  • The best way to clean your hidden areas is Using plain water, wash and pat dry.

  • If you have menstruation, change your sanitary pads often. Keep your underwear clean. 

  • Very important if you have abnormal vaginal discharge. Don't keep it in your heart alone because it may be a sign of an internal disease.

  • If abnormal symptoms are found, you should consult a doctor for proper treatment. 


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