Vaginal Itching has causes and treatments that women must know about.

Vaginal Itching

"Vaginal Itching is a symptom that many women have encountered or are experiencing this problem. When faced with this problem, some people decide to self-treat with drugs that are not the right way, receive drugs that are not consulted by a doctor and are not targeted. Therefore, anyone with the above symptoms should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Today we will take a look at what causes itching in female genitals and where they come from. What are the ways to relieve vaginal itching and how to treat female genital itching?

What is vaginal itching?

Female genital itching can occur both internally and externally. (Vulva) It may also be associated with other symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge, burning with urination, etc.

What causes vaginal itching?

 itching inside the genitals

Vaginal itching is normal in the human vagina with normal vaginal flora. Vaginal itching is usually caused by the following infections:

  1. Bacterial vaginosis: yellowish vaginal discharge with fishy odor

  2. Candidal vaginitis is a white, powdery lumpy discharge.

  3. Other sexually transmitted infections such as Trichomonas vaginitis: It is often very itchy, yellow-green discharge, Gonorrhea / Chlamydial infection.

Note: Douching can cause a bacterial imbalance that can result in abnormal vaginal discharge and itching.

 itching outside the genitals

The most common causes are as follows.

  1. Shaving the genital area.

  2. irritation from sanitary napkins, underwear, or cleaning products

  3. Friction from wearing clothes that are too small.

  4. Eczema

  5. Psoriasis

  6. Genital herpes can cause itching in some cases but are more likely to sting.

  7. Vulvar cancer may present with ulceration and bleeding from the wound.

 What causes female genital itching

Other less common causes of vaginal or genital itching and seen in specific groups of patients:

  1. Postmenopausal women may experience vaginal and vulvar dryness from lower levels of sex hormones. You should consult your doctor for evaluation and a prescription for hormone replacement therapy if such symptoms occur.

  2. Other groups of patients, for example, accidental vaginal tears during childbirth or have certain cancers that cause a hole between the vagina and fistula. It can cause unconscious discharge from the vagina. It lead persistent vaginal itching and chronic, intractable vaginal discharge


vaginal itching of pregnant women

Vaginal itching of pregnant women

  1. In general, increased hormone levels cause pregnant women to experience increased vaginal discharge and vaginal itching.

  2. Pregnant women should take proper care of their vulva, avoid washing it, and avoid scratching, rubbing, and rubbing. You need to get enough rest, drink a reasonable amount of water, and not hold in your urine.

  3. However, if you are experiencing unusual vaginal discharge symptoms such as increased powdery or foul-smelling vaginal discharge, it may be necessary to seek proper treatment to prevent a serious infection.

how to relieve initial vaginal itching

If there are other symptoms besides vaginal itching, you should see your doctor for further evaluation. If external genital itch is present without other symptoms, you may consider the following relief measures:

  1. Clean with water or gentle soap 1 time per day, external only.

  2. Refrain from using soap with harsh cleaning agents (such as, herbal soap or high-strength soap). The intimate area should use a gentle soap. , if necessary *Using soap that is too harsh can cause irritation to the vulva and increase dryness and itching of the skin.

  3. Absolutely do not wash the vagina.

  4. After you defecate, you should clean from front to back to prevent germs from entering the anus.

  5. Avoid chafing from underwear that is too small.

  6. Avoid using vaginal tampons.


Other symptoms associated with vaginal itching and symptoms that warrant medical attention

The most common comorbidity is abnormal vaginal discharge which usually comes from the above-mentioned infections. In addition, there are other common symptoms that can be found as follows:

  1. Fever

  2. Lower abdominal pain

  3. Vaginal wound

  4. Intermittent urination

  5. Abnormal bleeding

If any of these symptoms are present, we recommend that you see your doctor for further evaluation.

Steps that the doctor must check when having vaginal itching

  • Take a history of other symptoms that come with vaginal itching, including a history of risk from unprotected sex.

  • Your doctor will perform a pelvic exam to assess lesions in your vulva, vagina, and cervix. Your doctor may consider testing for the infection if there are signs of infection along with


Vaginal itching treatment

1. The doctor will consider treating vaginal itching, female genitals from joint symptoms mainly. If abnormal vaginal discharge is present, your doctor may consider the following medications:

  • Vaginal itching in conjunction with bacterial vaginosis may be considered for oral antibiotics, such as Metronidazole, Clindamycin or Doxycycline.

  • Vaginal itching in conjunction with a yeast-like discharge may be considered for the use of vaginal suppositories, such as clotrimazole suppositories.

  • Vaginal itching in combination with a history of high-risk sex, the doctor may consider a drug to cover the pathogens of gonorrhea, such as Ceftriaxone injectable plus Azithromycin.

2. Your doctor may consider ointment if you have only external itching. However, it depends on the comorbidity, e.g. Clotrimazole cream or Low-strength corticosteroid, etc.

3. Vaginal itching may consider taking antihistamines in the group. Anti-histamine to reduce itching as well.


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