Wearing same underwear over and over has an odor, itchy rash, risk of disease


Did you know? Put on your same underwear  over and over. More dangerous than you think Risk of spreading infection Especially women are more at risk than men! In this article, we will answer the question Is it okay to wear same underwear over and over? Why do you have to change your underwear every 6 months? Along with sharing tips on taking care of your underwear to keep them away from fungus.

Things you should know about Wearing the same underwear over and over

Is it okay to wear same underwear over and over?


Wearing the same underwear once or twice is usually fine. But if you wear it repeatedly many times, it may cause other health problems. This is because underwear is a source of moisture and bacteria from sweat, urine, feces, and other secretions from the body. These germs can grow well in moist environments such as the genital, vaginal, or anal areas and can form. musty smell Skin irritation and may cause infection

" Especially in women Wearing same underwear  over and over may increase the risk of vaginal infections such as fungi and bacteria."

This is because a woman's vagina provides an environment that is conducive to the growth of these two types of germs. These germs can enter the bloodstream and cause serious infections in the body.


What diseases can cause wearing same underwear over and over? 

Wearing same underwear over and over,There is a risk that it may cause various diseases as follows


vaginal infection

 Fungus and bacteria accumulated from old underwear. Can cause vaginal infections such as vaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, and gonorrhea.


urinary tract infection

Bacteria that accumulates from underwear that we wear repeatedly May enter the urethra and kidneys. Can cause urinary tract infections.


skin infection

Bacteria and fungi that accumulate from underwear It can cause infections of the skin or genital area, such as ringworm, ringworm, and rashes.

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Symptoms caused by wearing same underwear over and over

Initial symptoms that are often encountered include a musty odor, vaginal itching, and vaginal discharge, A rash, redness, itching in the genital, vaginal, or anal area.

Additionally, there may be infections in the body, such as urinary tract infections. vaginal yeast infection or rectal infection, etc.

How to protect underwear and underwear from fungus

Unclean underwear and underwear increase the chance of infection. (Especially fungus) which can be prevented in the following ways.

  • Wash immediately after use. Do not leave wet underwear in the laundry basket. Because it will make the underwear damp and be a breeding ground for mold. Should be washed immediately after use. and hang to dry

  • Use a laundry detergent that contains antifungal agents.  that has properties that help inhibit the growth of fungi

  • Hang it to dry.  Underwear should be dried after washing in a shaded area with direct sunlight. Because sunlight will help kill the fungus.

  • Change your underwear often.  You should change your underwear at least 2 times a day if you sweat a lot. It should be changed more often than that. For women who have menstruation or have problems with vaginal discharge You should change your underwear when your underwear starts to show vaginal discharge or menstrual stains.

  • Clean your closet and laundry basket regularly.  To get rid of moisture and mold that may accumulate.

 Additionally, if your underwear is moldy, It should be thrown away immediately. In order not to be a source of accumulation of fungi. that may spread to other clothing
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Why do I have to change my underwear every 6 months?

Normally, it is recommended to change your underwear every 6 months, or sooner if the underwear is found to be deteriorated, such as moldy or the elastic band is saggy. The fabric has become thinner or stiffer, has holes or has a musty smell, etc.  The reasons why we should change our underwear every 6 months are as follows.


There is an accumulation of germs. Underwear that has been used for a long time There will be more opportunities to accumulate germs. Especially bacteria and fungi Which is the cause of various diseases such as dermatitis, gonorrhea , sexually transmitted diseases , etc.


deteriorated from use Underwear that has been used for a long time will become less flexible. The fabric is stiff or thin. This may cause skin irritation. or make the genitals more likely to come into contact with dirt.

However, there are many factors that affect the lifespan of underwear, such as the quality of the fabric, washing methods, and underwear care.

"Therefore, you should buy underwear made from good quality fabric. Wash and clean well. and dry in the shade to dry completely. for good hygiene Reduce the risk of developing various diseases."

Vaginal Itching symptoms also help extend the life of her underwear. And if you have changed your underwear and cleaned it well but other adverse symptoms have not disappeared. You should see a doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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